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We invite you to read some recent comments from happy customers who have used the Worldwide Floral Network's international flower delivery services.

"Thank you. My friend called to thank me and was delighted with the arrangement. I trust it was truly as lovely as she said. Thank you for the prompt delivery and the fine work. I have you bookmarked for future use and would gladly recommend you to others."

"I just wanted to say how I enjoyed using your web site. It was so easy to use. My boss always wants to be sure that we order flowers directly from the country they are to be delivered to so we are sure of getting the appropriate arrangement. I've had to call or fax for the last several years and the language barrier can make things difficult. I've tried other web sites but they have been difficult to work with, and when I use a so-called "international" service, they charge me so much for delivery. I'm so happy to have run across your web site. I have you bookmarked for future orders."
Susan B., WI, USA

"A quick note to say that the flowers arrived today in Brazil as promised. I have been sent digital pictures from Brazil of the arrangement and they are spectacular! My fiancee said that they came from the "very best" florist in Novo Hamburgo, Brazil. Wonderful job--- a very satisfied customer."
Bill C., MA, USA

"I am very, very impressed with the incredible service you have provided. Not only were the flowers delivered within hours of my order, but I was told by the recipient they were beautiful. Kudos to you people. Very few businesses work with that type of efficiency and dedication. I will use you again and recommend you to everyone I know. Again....BRAVO!"
Mark S., NY, USA

"Thank you for sending the receipt with regards to my delivery to The Czech Republic. I have been meaning to write to World Wide Floral Network. I am extremely happy with the services that your team has provided. I received a phone personally to say that the delivery will be late, due to the cut off time for orders. Then the recipient was not home, but elsewhere during the time of delivery and I am [pleasantly] surprised that they delivered the flowers to where the person was at the moment in time, with the address given by my friend's aquaintance at home. This service was very thoughtful and I can't find words, really, to express my surprise and gratefulness. Thank you and keep up the great service. I will definitely recommend your services to everyone wanting to send flowers online."
Alleena A., France

"I really appreciate the kindness and competence of your staff. Please give Tanya a personal thank you from me. After a really bad experience with [a competitor], it was a welcome relief to do business with you. You made one person's birthday a lot better! Thank you again for delivering flowers the same day to Mexico on such short notice. I will use you again and refer you to my friends."
Holly W., CA, USA

"I'd just like to thank you and congratulate you for the great service you provide. My order was delivered on time and early on that date, as I requested, be sure I'll be coming back for more orders. Thank you."
Diego G., NC, USA

"There are not enough words to express my gratitude for the extra effort taken to deliver my flower order to the woman I love in Nikolaev [Ukraine]. She told me that the flowers were delivered to where she was attending classes and given to her in person. I have used your service three times now and I doubt if there could be any better service in the world. I would highly recommend your service to anyone, anywhere. My heartfelt thanks again"
Murray H., SA, Canada,

"Thank you. I just wanted to tell you that I checked several sites that send flowers internationally. You had the nicest selection, the best prices, and your site was very user friendly. I also like that you include all fees and taxes in the listed price. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs this service."
Esme B., WA, USA

"Thank you for the beautiful flowers. I sent some last week to my aunt in the hospital, but sadly, she died that day, so I sent some again for the celebration of life my family had. Thanks for allowing me to be there in some part, for such an important day in our family history. The tulips were stunning."
Steph, CA, USA,

"I just wanted to write and say thank you. My girlfriend received her flowers tonight and she says they are absolutely beautiful. And this is saying a lot since she worked for 2 years at a florist and has very high standards when it comes to flowers. She kept going on and on about how beautiful they are. Unfortunately, I will not be able to see them since I am in Chicago and she is in New York but she is sending me a picture. I will be sure to continue using your service, you have been great!  Thanks again for making her and my night!"
Jim C., IL, USA

"I wanted to express my appreciation for the wonderful job on the delivery of custom flowers to my girlfriend in Taiwan. She was very happy and found the flower arrangement to be absolutely beautiful. Thanks to Eileen and everyone else for your superb work. I plan to use your service again in the future."
Kevin H., ND, USA

"I am impressed and appreciative at how accommodating your services are. You have just earned a loyal customer. Thanks again."
Patty N., MN, USA,

"I would like to thank you for taking such great care of my request for the 99 roses delivered Yesterday. They were even more impressive than I had dreamed they would be and Mary was so surprised she was completely speechless. I couldn't be happier with the way my order was handled from the beginning. When I had to call back and change the address because of a holiday [of which] I was unaware, I was pleasantly surprised with how friendly and professionally everything was handled. I like the attention to small details like calling and/or e-mailing to confirm that arrangements have been succesfully made. I will definitely be coming back for future deliveries to Taiwan."
Tony M., CA, USA

"I just wanted to give you feedback on the florist that you chose to do this arrangement for my daughter in Prague. [She] was so impressed with the flowers that she said she was going to call the florist and order some for an associate on the set. Thank you for your kindness. Please pass on my gratiude."
Sumangala F., AR, USA

"Everything was perfect. The flowers arrived in [the Phillipinnes] in the morning and apparently [the florist] called first to make sure they knew where the place was. Thank you and I'm sure I'll use your service again in the future."
Greg L., CA, USA

"Thank you so much for the follow up and the quick delivery. I could have not asked for a better service. I now know were to go for good floral delivery. This was a special present for my girlfriend and you guys succeded beyond my expectations, I thank you so much."
Jonathan A., FL, USA

"Just wanted to write to you and thank you for making sure my delivery to Shanghai, China got there on time. I wanted to make sure the flowers arrived a day early for Valentine's Day and they did. My girlfriend, Aileen, loved the flowers and I will recommend your service to my friends."
Robert C., NY, USA,

"Just a note to thank you for the beautiful arrangement you sent for me. My brother and his wife loved it so much that they sent the same one to their doctor in Syndey [Australia]. It really brightened their day. Thank You."
Darby H., USA,

"My brand-new, almost daughter-in-law LOVED the flowers. She said they were lovely. Thank You! ps. I'll use your company again."
Nita R., GA, USA,

"I thought that I would just write a quick note to commend you on your service for my recent order. It was very important for me that these flowers were delivered on time as I am on the other side of the world [England] to my partner [Turkey]. Not only did you write to me to confirm details of the card, you also wrote a confirmation e-mail with all the necessary details of delivery. Once again, thanks for the good service and I would denifitely recommend your firm to other people."
Ben H., England, UK,

"Thank you very much for the very excellent service. My wife said the flowers are really fresh. I am so happy with your service that I won't hesitate to recommend you to all my friends here and abroad. Thanks again for a very wonderful job. Do you carry other products like chocolates and other stuffs? If you do please kindly send me all the information thru e-mail. Once again, thanks."
ArieL M., CA, USA

"I just wanted to write and thank you for the service I received ordering flowers online! The arrangement was lovely and arrived on the day I asked for. I will certainly do business with you again and will pass along your name to my friends."
Heather F., BC, Canada,

"I just wanted to say that (my Mom) received the roses today [in Trinidad] and was extremely delighted. They were fresh and beautiful. I'm also very pleased with the service from the World Wide Floral Network. I will definately do business with you again! Thanks."
Lela B., NY, USA

"Your company did a fantastic job. She got the flowers on her birthday and was very happy. Another package from Federal Express was supposed to arrive on that day, but they did not deliver their package on time. That was the other parcel that she was expecting. They blew it. You did wonderfully. I am very happy with your company's service. Thanks again."
Rory P., FL, USA

"You have got to be kidding me! You do realise that after this, all my future generation will be buying stuff from you guys. Thank you. This is what I call service."
Farhan S., London, England

"Thank you -- the flowers were absolutely beautiful and well worth the money spent. A few Italian friends warned me that normally Italian florists don't do good arrangements -- but my sister was absolutely thrilled with the packaging and all the little touches like matching ribbons strewn over the arrangement etc. I will definitely use you again and intend to recommend you also."
Nicky L., London, UK

"Thanks, Wendy for getting my flowers sent to the appropriate place at the right time. It was very convenient for me that you have agents all around the world especially in Argentina and Uruguay. My girlfriend loved the flowers and I loved the speed at which they got to her. I do not have any suggestions at this time, only to keep of the good work and great service to your customers. I would definitely look forward to using this agency when sending my packages of flowers."
Shallun B., SD, USA

"Thank you for the great service. We ordered flowers for a friend in hospital half way around the world and the next morning we understand a beautiful bouquet of flowers was in her room. I must admit to being slightly amazed as you never know what you'll get when you shop on the net. I will use your service again and recommend it to others."
John M., CA, USA

"This was the first time I have sent flowers overseas, and I thank you for your excellent care and service. The arrangement was received with delight and many comments were made on the exquisite quality of the basket and flowers. I also greatly appreciate your sales associate who phoned me shortly after I placed the order. She was able to ensure that it was delivered to the correct hospital room despite the fact that there was relatively little information to go on. I am most grateful. It was very important to me that it be a special get-well gift, and you have exceeded my hopes. Thank you so much. When sending flowers in the future, I shall be sure to use your service. And I shall be happy to recommend you to my friends and associates."
Katherine W.,

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the terrific service–the flowers I ordered from the US on a Saturday night were delivered to my husband [in Belgium] early Monday morning, and he was thrilled! He won't stop raving about how fresh and full the bouquet is (as well as how thoughtful I am, of course)... I'll certainly be using you from now on."
Stacey, KY, USA

"I took a chance in ordering flowers from you, although I never heard of the company. However, I am pleased that my order was processed, and that the flowers were delivered on time on the date requested. You did not disappoint as other floral companies have in the past. Furthermore, you have a better selection/variety of bouquets/flowers for international deliveries. Thank you again! I will definitely order from the company again and recommend others to use your services!"
Marcy S., FL, USA

"I would like to thank you for the prompt delivery of the flowers. My girlfriend was recently in the hospital [in Chiayi County, Taiwan] and I was not able to go see her. She loved them, and I am glad to have gone through you."
Barron C., ON, Canada

"Thank you!!! I cant say that enough, I must say that you (WFN) met all my expectations and I want to thank you for being such and honest and reliable company. My finance in Sumperk, Czech Republic has never been more suprised and breathless than today when I sent here flowers. I myself live in southeast Georgia, U.S.A. and I searched many, many of flowers websites and after much research I chose WFN. I must say that with the one flat rate that you all dominate the rest of the competition. It's still good to know that there are still some companys out there that are just not about the money, and they care about their customers. So once again a big "THANK YOU" from one of your newest and happiest customers." 
Robert K., GA, USA

"I am totally amazed that you would go to so much trouble to satisfy your customer. Another company would say it wasn't possible to deliver there and that would be it. I am so appreciative of your efforts. The company that I work for stresses customer excellence and even sends us to seminars so we understand the importance of keeping our customers happy; but you have exceeded anyone's expectations by going the extra mile. I told my co-workers yesterday my story and they couldn't believe it. Thank you so much."
Catherine F.

"My girlfriend was very impressed with my order that was delivered today in Warsaw, Poland. I just wanted to say thanks for making that possible."
Jess E., Washington DC, USA

"I am taking this opportunity to thank you for the excellent quality of your service and the flowers and candy delivered to my wife in Prague today. She told me the flowers were fresh and beautiful and the candy is delicious. I will not hesitate to recommend your service to others wishing to have flowers delivered overseas."
Alan K., CO, USA

"Thank you again for a superb service. The order was delivered and Irene was very happy with it. I am very content with your service and I will recommend you to all my friends here and abroad. Thanks again."
Babla M., Djibouti,

"Thanks for the great service. My mum received her flowers in time for Mothers Day and she was extremely happy with them. I will definitely use your service again and will recommend you to UK friends here in the States for family etc back home in England."
Emma W., USA

"Just want to say thank you to you and to Jenny and the agent in South Korea. The flowers got there fine and I understand they were very nice. Thanks for the attention to detail and extra care. I will definitely be a repeat customer."
Steev, FL, USA

"I just wanted to say thank you to you and your whole team on a wonderful job...the flowers arrived on time....and my girlfriend was very happy with the wrapping and quality of the's a wonderful service!"
Robert S., CA, USA,

"I just wanted to tell you that I had ordered some flowers for a friend in Taiwan yesterday, and my friend LOVED THEM. Truthfully, I never even thought for a second that international flower deliveries would be possible... until today. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have friends worldwide, and I am definitely going to be taking advantage of your service more & more from now on. Your customer service was even incredible too! Your phone calls, your e-mails, etc. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!"
Christine N., CA, USA

"I send my mom flowers every other month, so far she has always been thrilled about what she receives. You do a great job!"
Jim & Heidi L., MI, USA,

"Just wanted to congratulate you. I just received probably the best service ever on an Internet purchase. I placed an order, and it was less than five minutes when someone got in touch. It's great to know there's someone out there providing such a magnificent service. Thank you."
Emilio G.

"I'd like to applaud you for having a good toll-free phone service. I called 1-888-705-9999 and was answered immediately by a human, which was a tremendous surprise. Didn't even have a hold time, which would be understandable today (Valentine's Day). The receptionist, I believe she said her name was Judy, was cheerful and even had a sense of humor! She also seemed to be intelligent and alert (that's pretty unusual for 800 customer service numbers)."

"I would like to commend you on your service so far. You have been very helpful and I will most likely call on you again for any similar needs I may have. Service is key... and you have it. Thanks again."
Matthieu C., Montreal, Canada

"I just wanted to thank you for the great way you handled my order. I just talked to my Aunt and she said the flowers you delivered were absolutely beautiful and brighten her hospital room with much love and joy. I wanted your company to know how much I appreciate the way you conduct your business. I have bookmarked your site and will use you as my online florist. Again thank you."
Robert C., Tacoma, WA

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased my aunt was with the flowers I ordered from you. She said they were just gorgeous and the arrangement was huge. It's nice to have an online florist I can have complete confidence in ordering from. Thank you and keep up the good work. I've given your address to three friends already because of the beautiful arrangement you sent my aunt."
Sheila H., Willett, NY


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